Revenge Season 3: Crazy Plot Twists That Will Never Happen at Emily Thorne’s Wedding

Revenge season 3 poster

Ever since the ABC has unveiled Revenge season 3 episode list, I was intrigued with the title of the last one – Surrender.

The final episode air date isn’t announced yet, and the fans have plenty of time to guess, who will give up. Will it be the hypocrite Grayson family, or Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) will leave her revenge mission incomplete.

Revenge Season 3 Spoiler

To make everything even more complicated, the spoiler photos from the set of TV series emerged this week. The crew of the hit ABC drama was filming a marriage scene. Emily Thorne was preparing to tie the knot allegedly with Daniel Grayson (Joshua Bowman), though he was not seen around.

The real Amanda Clarke was merciless in her vendetta for the ruined life of her farther when she came to Hamptons. She was successful in destroying her enemies from the upper society. But, it was her wedding day that she has chosen as a culmination of her revenge and, I hope, it will be the most dramatic scene of the season 3 in whole.

Wedding scene at Revenge season 3

Will she do that or won’t she? When the creators do it right, it makes TV series so successful, The Vampire diaries is the vivid example.

Meanwhile the bride showed one more time her nice fashion style thanks to the costume designer Jill Ohanneson. Emily Thorne was in a white strapless gown. Its bodice was decorated with lace, and the skirt looked ethereal due to numerous layers of tulle.

Crazy Ideas for the Plot Developments

The blonde revenger was pictured with her best friend Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann). Both actors looked cheerful and relaxed, and I wonder why Bowman, VanCamp’s boyfriend in the real life, didn’t share a laugh with them.

His absence on the set makes me think about the craziest plot turn of the Revenge season 3: Emily is marrying another guy.

Well, it’s rather silly, as Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) were on set of the ABC’s TV series, dressed according to the occasion like the groom’s parents.

Wedding scene from TV series Revenge

The chances that the young girl has killed Daniel and disguised his murder as a tragic accident before putting on a bridal attire, remain weak. And my long-cherished dream that Amanda Clarke has murdered him and made everything look like a suicide with the note, where he “has confessed” being a psychopath or something like that, will never come true.

Though it will definitely brake the hearts of Conrad Grayson and his wife Victoria and make them suffer much more, as their son turns out to be a monster.

If you think that in this case, there will be too much drama in Revenge season 3 episode – and nobody can say, it will be a final one – then I have one more ending.

Emily Thorne marries Daniel and begins to poison his life, causing him to turn to alcohol and drugs. Meanwhile, as a member of the Grayson family, she finds out their dirty secrets and ruins their reputation in the upper society of Hamptons, leaving them penniless as well.

Well, the wicked honeymoon can be the theme of the first episode of the Revenge next season.

What do you think Emily Thorne should do? Share your ideas in the comments.

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